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Re: blends linked from the main debian page

On Mon, 11 Apr 2011, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I like a lot the idea of providing links to blends from the Debian
> homepage [1], thanks for proposing (and revamping) the idea!  However,
> from the above paragraph I do not understand what you needed to
> generalize and why it is blocking the implementation of the proposal.
> Can you be more specific about that?

Well, you can find the original proposal at
Message-id: <20100712150430.GA30080@onerussian.com>

in which I suggested to change the welcoming sentence to

 Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a pure OS: it comes with thousands
 of ready to be installed packages[LINK].  Debian is as a great OS for
 Juniors [Debian-Junior] as for the scientists [Debian-Science].
 Debian has being used in Medicine [Debian-Med] and to help
 people with disabilities [Accessibility].  But there is even more of
 Debian -- see other "blends" [Blends], "Ports" [Ports page], and
 packages [LINK].

which should be the first step.

2nd step was to utilize our space Debian banner on  http://www.debian.org/ and
populate it with logo icons to specific most popular and ports  and make it
imagemap with clickable links so they could become active (may be grow
and shine a bit in stars fashion) upon "over".  But I haven't got chance
to stretch my limited design skills to come up with a mockup which I would have
been what I meant by "generalize"... sorry for not clear description.

Additionally, we could come up with "(Weekly) Featured Debian Project" entry,
which would provide a 1-2 sentences description + link to some Debian
subproject chosen randomly (or not so), and placed somewhere high (may be even
right after the banner) on the main page.
> I guess one of the problems that needs to be solved is to find place on
> www.d.o without turning that page into a link hell. Have you discussed
> the idea with the -www team and/or submitted a bug report against
> www.d.o about it?

links itself are not bad (wiki were found useful to be that way).  Bad is the
dump of lists of links.  If links are harmonic parts of sentences or images, I
think they are only useful. 

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