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Debian Med presentation at Health care event in Luxembourg


I'm please to announce that I will present Debian Med (and thus Debian)
on an international health care conference Med@Tel[1] in Luxembourg (6-8
April 2011).  The talk will be on 7th April in Conference Room 4 in the
track "Benefits of Free/Libre Open Source Software in Health Care
(FLOSS-HC): Communities, Collaboration, Development Issues, Technology
Transfer (1)" (see schedule[2]).

The talk is based on a paper that was written by the Debian Med team with
main contributions by Steffen Möller, Michael Hanke, Yaroslav Halchenko and
Charless Plessy[3].  I'll keep you informed about the resonance of the
audience and were to download the slides.

I'll ask for Debian support for coverage of the conference fee and half
part of my expenses for traveling.

Kind regards


[1] http://www.medetel.eu
[2] http://www.medetel.eu/index.php?rub=educational_program&page=program#Floss1
[3] http://people.debian.org/~tille/talks/201104_luxembourg/paper/


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