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Re: Call for help with DebConf12 decision (was Reminder: DebConf12 decision meeting, Tuesday 22 March)

On Mar 20, 2011, at 16:04, Moray Allan wrote:

> As an additional point, the recently delegated DebConf chairs are
> looking for one or two people from outside those currently most
> involved in DebConf organisation to help out if we can't get a
> DebConf12 venue decision by consensus.  (We prefer consensus, but if
> there's a need to break a tie, we'd like some advice from people with
> more of an 'attendee' viewpoint.)
> Here's the short-term job description:
> Responsibilities: Read through the DebConf12 bids before Tuesday
> evening, attend the meeting, be ready to voice your opinions to help
> reach a decision, and ready if needed to cast a vote to help a final
> decision.  (And, in the event that it's impossible to get a decision
> on Tuesday for some good reason, attend a second meeting.)
> Qualifications: It would be helpful if you have attended DebConf
> previously, and if you hope to attend DebConf12 in 2012.
> Ideal candidates would be willing to stay involved with DebConf12 to
> some degree through its cycle.
> If you're interested, please speak to one of us (moray/h01ger/gwolf)
> on IRC or reply to this mail.

I would be willing to help here. I attended DebConf10 and had a great time, I have already booked DebConf11 on my calendar and hope to attend DebConf12 as well. I'm willing to help with DebConf11 organizing, but I cannot commit to a heavy workload though I imagine my work with the Debian Publicity team might overlap nicely. :-)

In any case, if you don't have two volunteers yet, I am happy to be one.



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