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Re: Why so many install DVD's ?


On Friday 04 March 2011 17.46:11 dos4ever wrote:
> Why 7 install  iso files at 4.4G & 1 at 842M =31Gb.
> If they are all needed to install the OS that would make Debian more
> bloatware then Win 7.


Others have answered: CD 1 is sufficient.

I usually don't even use the full CD / DVD1, but only the "business card" or 
"netinst" images (20M or 100M IIRC): you install a very basic system and 
just (automatically) download the rest -- and only what you really need -- 
via the net. Of course you only do this if you have a reasonably fast 
Internet connection (home DSL is fine, doesn't need a huge pipe. But don't 
try it via a ISDN / Modem link...)

Remember: Debian ==
 * Linux kernel + X.org + KDE and GNOME and lots of other stuff at less than 
1G (and this is already more software than you get with a windows install 
 * OpenOffice/LibreOffice, GIMP, digikam, amarok, inkscape, scribus, ... 
(tons of applications)
 * wesnoth and quite a few other games
 * eclipse, kdevelop and a lot ofther development tools
 * ... - you name it, we have it
 * ... - we don't have it, you don't want it ;-)

-- vbi

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