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Re: Debian WWW team IRC meeting, 15 February 21:30 UTC in #debian-www

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> I've a wish list documentation request: a sort of "recipe" to apply the
> current layout to ikiwiki websites, e.g. a ready to use local.css or,
> maybe better, something to @import from there.  I've a couple of
> websites powered by ikiwiki which offers Debian-related services, such
> as dep.debian.net, it would be great to have a local.css that I could
> drop in migrating the layout to the Debian one.

I've been wanting to add a Debian theme to ikiwiki. The only
implementation I've seen of Kalle's layout for ikiwiki is
dsa.debian.org. That uses a modified (and out of date) version of the
ikiwiki page.tmpl. I'd prefer to find a way to get the look with only
CSS changes, and adding new files (like openlogo-50.png). Needing to
maintin a special version of the page.tmpl would be an ongoing burden.

see shy jo

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