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Re: Funny / interesting facts about Debian

Thanks Paul, interesting stats, although I wonder how many of the users and pages are legitimate rather than created by spammers.

On 2011-01-31 20:05, Paul Wise wrote:
Some Debian wiki stats:

7760 users (plus 266 disabled)

8670 pages (13425 since it began)

37855.3 views per day
57.4 edits per day

almost 3/4 visitors use Mozilla-based browsers

most popular pages are FrontPage, NvidiaGraphicsDrivers, FlashPlayer,
Xen, DebianEeePC
Hah. This is a testimony to the pain from using non-free software.
the biggest page is almost half a megabyte
This one is rather trivial, as the content is just dumped data.

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