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Debian GNU/Linux Romania

Hi all,
I've take the liberty to forward this message sent to events@d.o by
Marius-Bogdan Ursan.
As you can see he announces a newborn Romanian Debian community.

Good luck Marius and all Romanian crew!


----- Forwarded message from Ursan Marius Bogdan <marius@debian-linux.ro> -----

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 15:31:31 +0200
From: Ursan Marius Bogdan <marius@debian-linux.ro>
To: events@debian.org
Subject: Debian GNU/Linux Romania
User-Agent: ServerHost WebMail

Dear Members of the Debian International Community and Members of the
Debian Development Team, with great joy i announce the birth of Debian
GNU/Linux Romania after 18 years since the first version of Debian was
released and after several tries to build a stable community for romanian
users. The last 4-5 days where essential for us, as a community. In this
time we where able to build a site, still under construction but almost
ready, and a forum, both in romanian language. Also the company that founds
Debian GNU/Linux Romania has also created a 3rd national mirror for
existing and future Debian users: http://mirrors.serverhost.ro/debian/ 
All of this adds to the main goal stated by Debian GNU/Linux as an
"Universal Operating System"

Kind regards
Marius-Bogdan, Ursan

PR Manager of 

Debian Gnu/Linux Romania http://debian-linux.ro/

----- End forwarded message ----

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