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DEP5: copyright statement form, etc

A couple more points about DEP5:

* Should we suggest people keep the upstream copyright statements
verbatim, including the word "Copyright" or c-in-a-circle or whatever?
Or should we suggest that they can also shorten them to, say, "2010, J.
Random Hacker"? I'm fine with either. Currently the examples use the
shortened form, so there's an implicit suggestion, but should be
explicit about it? Or change the examples? Opinions?

* At the moment the License field's description says the first line can
only be a single short name, but the intention is clearly that it can be
an arbitrary "license shortname expression", with examples given later
in the document. Would everyone be OK if I change it to say "First line:
an abbreviated name for the license, or expression giving alternatives
(see *Short names* section for a list of standard abbreviations)."

The editorial changes, plus these two items, are the final things left
for DEP5, except for the review for licenses, shortnames and SPDX

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