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Re: Report from openSUSE Conference


 As many people seem to be confused about this, I'd like to clearify it
on here, too:

* Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@debian.org> [2010-10-27 09:51:54 CEST]:
> My impression was that very few distributions have followed the
> invitation, I am only aware of some Fedora people that have attended,
> and Vincent Untz from Ubuntu/GNOME (who gave a combined keynote with
> Cornelius Schumacher from KDE).

 Vincent actually is a Novell employee and was there obviously through
his involvement in openSUSE. The thing that led me to the impression to
call Vincent an Ubuntu person was that he was posting about the
conference to Planet Ubuntu which by definition is about Ubuntu centered
stuff, and is an Ubuntu member. Actually considering this I could have
called myself to be from Ubuntu attending, too.

 The much I'd like to call that the callout for attendees of other
distributions would had been more fruity, this leaves only the Fedora
people and myself representing Debian, besides from the openSUSE people
which naturally had a lot of interest in the conference.

 Thanks, and hope this explains some misunderstanding on my part.
My computer is my job, my hobby - and on bad days, my social life.
        -- Benjamin "Mako" Hill, Antifeatures Talk

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