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Report from openSUSE Conference


 Like you most likely know, I've been at the [osc10]openSUSE Conference
last week.  I've been representing Debian through a talk about "Debian -
The Project and its Resources", covering services and resources that are
usable and useful for other distributions too.  The invitation to submit
talks were sent to various projects and distributions because of the set
topic on "Collaboration across Borders" for the conference.  My
impression was that very few distributions have followed the invitation,
I am only aware of some Fedora people that have attended, and Vincent
Untz from Ubuntu/GNOME (who gave a combined keynote with Cornelius
Schumacher from KDE).

 The abstract of my talk and the [slides] are available from the
conference website.  The talk was well received and interested people
also asked about some of the services like how our buildd network works,
or whether the [screenshots] service has support for localized images
too, or if it would be expandable for more general usage of non-Debian
based distributions.

 One topic raised was with respect to the [whohas] tool: A mapping
layer/tool/database for package names.  We divert from upstream naming
schemes for consistency reasons, like with our library, Perl and Python
naming schemes.  Other distributions have similar approaches but a
different naming scheme.  To make inter-distribution tools really useful
it would require to have some layer that is able to map the package name
from one distribution to another one.  One idea for it that was thrown
in was to use upstream homepage, but not all packages do have proper
homepages, some only live in some git repository, others would either
like to link to sourceforge's project page instead of the project's
homepage, and other tricky issues.  Something unique is clearly called
for here and needed to get stored in the package's metadata.

 Apart from my talk and the occasional mentioning of "openSUSE is on my
desktop, but I run Debian on my server" I noticed that the beverage of
openSUSE is their own beer.  Taste is a tough topic, personally I rather
prefer our Debian wine.  And I missed the chance to seduce them into
playing Mao, I forgot to bring playing cards along.  I hope to get a
second chance at anoter event.


[osc10] http://en.opensuse.org/Portal:Conference
[slides] http://deb.li/DebSuSE
[screenshots] http://screenshots.debian.net/
[whohas] http://packages.debian.org/whohas
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