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Re: etherpad clone on debian.net

* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org> wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 07:04:28PM +0200, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>> we (as in the backports team) alway use titanpad.com which is run by a
>> fellow dd and a friend of him.

> Cool, I've used it already but I didn't know it was run by a fellow DD.

> How about setting up titanpad.debian.net as an alias for the service
> then? It will give it a more Debian-ish entry point. I could set up the
> DNS entry if you want, but I've never setup titanpad myself, so I don't
> know whether it will possibly need some vhost tweaking server side or
> not ...

Being the fellow DD behind titanpad I just want to join the discussion.

I talked to my titanpad colleagues, the redirect of
titanpad.debian.net to debian.titanpad.com should be possible from
our POV and we would support this. The redirect itself needs to be
created by Debian.

I'm also the owner of http://debian.titanpad.com/ and would be happy
to hand this private space over to you as well (or whoever should
receive it for the project).

You can reach the whole titanpad team via team (at) titanpad.com,
please let me/us know if we can assist anywhere or do anything for


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