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Re: FTPMaster meeting minutes

>>    Alexander helped our removal tool to gain a new option. From now on
>>    we can close bugs associated to a package when doing a sourceful
>>    removal. Obviously this is not enabled by default, but an option we
>>    have to select whenever appropriate (not all removals mean all bugs
>>    can be closed, like when its "just" a source rename), but this can
>>    greatly help the QA team.
> Will you also do the converse? unarchive and reopen appropriate bugs
> (based on the version tree) when a source package is reintroduced into
> the archive? Often a package gets orphaned and people who are
> interested in it don't notice until it gets removed from the archive
> and they then work on getting it re-uploaded.

No we wont, as this does not happen very often actually and is much more
unreliable than closing them. But what we will change is the removals
log entry to additionally have all the bug numbers listed which we

>> 21. untag pending bugs if a package is rejected
>>    As the bugs fixed in packages in the NEW queue are currently
>>    (semi-) automatically taged "pending", Jan Hauke Rahm suggested to
>>    untag them, if a package get's rejected from NEW.  There's already
>>    a patch floating arround, which needs to be reviewed and merged.
> I assume you will also take over automatically adding pending tags to
> packages in NEW?

If someone patches that into the tools, yes.

bye, Joerg
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