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Re: Debian training and code review

Re: Lars Wirzenius 2010-09-15 <[🔎] 1284541176.2573.77.camel@havelock>
> This reminds me: it would be good to improve not just the quality of our
> packages, but our developers.

Just a quick comment here: DM has improved the quality of people
passing NM *a lot*. Historically, we (FD, DAM) have seen lots of
applicants whose profile in the project was quite low - few packages
maintained, few uploads, not involved in more general projects (qa,
release etc.). I'm definitely not saying that these were bad
developers, it was just more difficult to judge their involvement and

Nowadays, we usually [1] ask DD applicants to become DM first. The
typical NM now is maintaining packages in teams, doing infrastructure
work (build-scripts for pkg-perl, ...), and is active in more than one
packaging group or project. I don't think this extra step is filtering
out people - those who would have applied for DD previously will still
do, but at the point where they get an AM, they are well-prepared.

At the same time, DM helps them to work independently from others at
an earlier time. (Plus there's people that do not want to "upgrade" to
DD and are happy with the new DM role.)

> Developing a Linux distribution involves a lot of skills, and stuff
> keeps changing all the time. It would perhaps be a good idea to have
> training sessions within Debian.

(+1 on that, the above comment wasn't meant to say this is a bad

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