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Re: DSA meeting (Munich 3/9/10)

This one time, at band camp, Tollef Fog Heen said:
> ]] Stephen Gran 
> Hi Stephen,
> First, I'd like to say thanks to all of you for maintaining the
> debian.org infrastructure.  As a fellow sysadmin, I know how little
> visibility we have, except when things go wrong.
> | - monitoring: The DSA monitoring environment currently is reasonably
> | successful.  However, it only monitors hosts on their IPv4 addresses.  Now that
> | IPv6 is fairly widely deployed, we need to begin monitoring hosts on their IPv6
> | addresses as well.  We discussed how to implement this as well as other small
> | improvements to the management of our monitoring in general.
> Do you have any thoughts on monitoring of «associated machines»?  I'm
> thinking of Alioth and perhaps non-DSA-managed porter boxes.  Being able
> to piggy-back on your monitoring setup might be worthwhile, but requires
> you to be willing to do the legwork to make it possible.  I'm of course
> thinking of having alerts sent to the local admin rather than DSA.

So far we're not, but that doesn't mean we can't.  There are a few
hurdles to overcome (we configure nrpe via puppet, we have a few
cronjobs that output files that we then monitor, and so on) that will
need to be overcome before something like that makes sense.  Maybe we
can brainstorm about this a little and see if we can come up with
something that makes sense for «associated machines»?

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