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DEP-5: No alternative syntaxes

I have just committed the change below to disallow alternative syntaxes
for DEP-5, since having, say, YAML in addition to RFC-822 style headers
is silly. I did not discuss this beforehand since I do not expect anyone
objecting to it at this stage of the DEP. It might have been relevant
early on in the development of the format to consider other formats.

If anyone objects, please raise the issue and I will revert the change
until the discussion is over and an explicit consensus is well-known.

=== modified file 'dep5.mdwn'
--- dep5.mdwn   2010-08-25 21:31:21 +0000
+++ dep5.mdwn   2010-08-29 03:37:01 +0000
@@ -514,9 +514,6 @@
 ## Implementation
-It is proposed to implement this proposal in pseudo-RFC-822 format (the one of
-debian/control). However, other syntaxes could be used, such as YAML.
 ### Examples in pseudo-RFC-822 format
 #### Simple
 A possible `copyright` file for the program 'X Solitaire' distributed in the

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