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Re: Debian accepting Social Micropayment?


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 05:02:43PM +0200, Steffen Möller wrote:
> "flattr" or otherwise support that package. The amount collected should
> then go to upstream. Maybe we should not do this for all packages but
> only when upstream asks for it.

I guess we as a project will already run into disagreement at this point.
There are two things to think about:

1) The user might think that the money goes to the Debian Developer
who takes care of the package and eventually wants this as well.
Eventually he might think the other way round.
Can we make sure that we know at whom his money is directed?

2) Not every *developer* in our project might agree that this money "should
then go to upstream". After all we have packages which are *quiet*
a lot of work for the Debian developers maintaining them. They might
find it unfair to see users spending money (possibly on their work)
which then ends in the hands of other people.

Sure, they are doing open source and shouldn't expect money from it.
But as soon as money is collected on a per-package-basis this topic
might arise.

Best Regards,

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