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Re: debian-private declassification team (looking for one)

also sprach Stefano Zacchiroli <leader@debian.org> [2010.05.22.1706 +0200]:
> I've been reminded [1] that we're still pending implementation of the
> General Resolution entitled "Declassification of debian-private list
> archives" [2].  According to the GR outcome, the DPL should « delegate
> one or more volunteers to form the debian-private declassification
> team ». Such a team will review -private posts older than 3 years,
> starting from the posting date of 01/01/2006, and declassify them (or
> not) according to the rules expressed in the GR text. I'll be happy to
> do so, but I need the volunteers first :-)

How about making archive chunks available e.g. at monthly periods
and telling people they have 2 months to voice objections before the
stuff is simply disclosed. Those people who don't want their stuff
disclosed are the ones that should be doing the work, no?

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