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Debian-Ubuntu relationship: poll / feedback sought

[ Please reply to leader@d.o, see below for the rationale.
  Reply-To and M-F-T set accordingly. ]

Hello, world!,
  I've been invited to give a talk at the forthcoming Ubuntu Developer
Summit, on May 13th in Brussels. I've accepted, since I'd like to take
the chance of the talk to present to the Ubuntu (and Canonical) people
how we feel about the state of the Debian-Ubuntu relationship. I'm
therefore seeking your feedback on the topic, in order to present our
views rather than mine only.

We've had in the past flames^Wdiscussions about what we didn't like of
the relationship between Ubuntu/Canonical and us, as well as reports of
success stories of mixed Debian-Ubuntu teams that work pretty well. I
think it's about time to do a health check of the *current* situation
and to step forward and present our feelings to Ubuntu and Canonical.
I think useful inputs belong to at least the following categories:

- Success stories.

  E.g., example of teams in which we like the state of Ubuntu-Debian
  collaboration and that we would like to be, err, exemplar. Other
  success stories can be fruitful mass bug filing coming from Ubuntu
  with patches, or the like.

- Epic fails.

  Obviously, the converse of the above, i.e. episodes in which we didn't
  like Ubuntu behaviour. That can be about teams, communication,
  individuals, specific project areas, whatever.

- Requests.

  Specific requests you think we should advance on how Ubuntu (or
  Canonical) relate to Debian, e.g.: communicate better how to
  contribute back to Debian to their developers, acknowledge more the
  existence of Debian on the Ubuntu website, participate more to
  DebConf, contribute more (hardware? monetary?) resources to Debian,

How do you feel about any of the above point?
Do you have any other feeling to share on the matter?
Please think about that and let me know.

When referring to specific packages, I'd appreciate if you specify (in
case you know) whether the package is in the Ubuntu universe or not.

A few concluding remarks are in order.

- I believe positive experiences are as useful to report as the negative
  ones. No matter how much they are, we can point them out as examples
  of good collaboration, asking them to become the rule rather than the

- I'm well aware that this topic is controversial and no, I don't think
  we should have yet another Ubuntu-related flame. I raise this topic
  nevertheless because I really need your feedback in order to be able
  to present *our* views and requests, rather than *mine* only.

  That is why, for the moment, I solicit comments in private mail to
  leader@d.o. (Also, given that I welcome pointers to specific episodes,
  reporters might want to keep them private.) Of course we're free to
  discuss it publicly since the beginning, but I rather suggest the
  following plan: collect feedback to this poll, prepare and do my talk,
  and then discuss here what we got. If we behave, we can then even have
  a tiny teeny, but hopefully useful, flame as in the good old days :-)

I'm looking forward for your precious feedback!
Many thanks in advance,

Stefano Zacchiroli -o- PhD in Computer Science \ PostDoc @ Univ. Paris 7
zack@{upsilon.cc,pps.jussieu.fr,debian.org} -<>- http://upsilon.cc/zack/
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