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Vendor submission error

To whom it may concern,

I have been trying to submit a vendor information form, but it keeps returning an error that my website is not accessible, but yet my website is accessible.

I have included the information asked for on the Vendor submission form in hopes you can fix this for me.


Vendor name: Lorentsen Linux Services

URL of vendor: http://www.lorentsenservices.com/Linux_Distributions.html

Do you donate some of the sale price to Debian: Yes

Type of disks sold: CD &DVD

Country you are in: USA

Do you ship orders overseas: No

URL of a web page that has information on your Debian CDs: http://www.lorentsenservices.com/Linux_Distributions.html

Emal address for salesenquiries: sales@lorentsenservices.com

What architectures your CDs are for: All of them except Multi-Arch.

Thank you and I hope you can help,

Anthony Lorentsen
Lorentsen Linux Services


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