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Re: Help the DPL (DPL calling for help?)

On 04/04/2010 08:06 AM, Ben Hutchings wrote:
On Sun, 2010-04-04 at 06:19 +0200, Michael Goetze wrote:
On 04/02/2010 11:31 PM, Frank Lin PIAT wrote:
  Also, Talking to the press is very important


If you talk to the press they may misunderstand and misquote you but you
should be able to get some points across if you state them simply
enough.  If you send a press release rather than waiting to hear from
them, reporters will often use that as the basis of their story.

If you don't talk to the press they'll just use their imagination to
fill in the details.

The former is preferable.

So, have the press team make press releases. I don't see where the DPL is necessary.


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