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Debian Auditor job up for grabs

I've decided to step down as the Debian Auditor. I'm not even sure if my
delegation is still current, but in any case, I'm not able to do the job
properly, so I need to give it up.

I think the next DPL welcomes volunteers, so here's what the job
consists of, from my point of view.

1. Join SPI as a contributing member. Then you automatically get the SPI
   monthly reports.

2. Contact the other organizations holding Debian monies. I have a list
   of the organizations and the contact addresses to start with.

3. Ask the organization treasurerers for an end-of-the-year
   profit/loss/balance report of the Debian monies.

4. Post the total profit/loss/balance to debian-private.

Future improvements:

- Reports more often than once a year? Not a problem for SPI, but might
  be a problem for smaller organizations.

- Track other assets, as well. We have lots of hardware and might
  benefit from a better tracking as to what we have where.

I'm more than willing to help out the next Auditor getting started, I'm
not about to disappear from the face of this planet :)

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