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Re: Google AdSense for Debian

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 12:26:30PM +0100, Steffen Möller wrote:
> >> "ubuntu" (?)
> > 
> > I'd prefer references to Debian's own products like Debian Edu and thus
> > 
> >   "free software in education"
> > 
> > or something like this (provided there are keywords left).
> When I am abstracting a bit from what Andreas just contributed, would
> you agree that Debian is particularly interesting because of its
> community spirit? And that we give everything that we do to as many
> people as possible, including Ubuntu? To as many platforms as is
> possibly reasonable?

I'm not sure about this "abstraction".  My idea was that there are just
a lot of Debian derivatives and I see no reason to advertise one
particular of these.  I'd rather wanted to advertise a field where
Debian in itself is strong in my opinion.

> I personally am less interested in attracting end users.

The suggested links in the initial mail did not stress this end user
thesis and I had not primarily end users in mind when suggesting the
keyword.  We've got a lot of support from Extremadura which has a large
scale Debian installation running in schools, we have quite good
SkoleLinux coverage in Norway and some interesting movements in Germany
and there is something going on in Asia about using Debian in schools
which proves that Debian is fit for educational purposes.  There is no
harm done if we point developers and end users to this fact.

(End we should do this more prominently on our web page, see below.)

> Will they understand our website?

That's a different topic.  I agree that the website needs enhancement.

> We should stress that there are
> many communities specialised to many scientific or application-centric
> fields that like to work with them, no matter what exact background they
> have.

Well, that's about content of the web site, no keyword.  I would place
only those keywords where it is easy to prove that we are good in this
topic.  The fact that we have people who care for sciences (and you know
I'm very keen on propagating this) is nothing which can be so easily
proven in numbers of installations by a ready product and it is hard
to argue in how far we are much better than other dists (even if *I*
*think* we are).

We should use a different thread (mailing list) how to enhance our
web pages according to the things you have in mind.

> And that any Debian-submitted work is auto-ported to more places
> with a larger audience than any other platform.

So you are suggesting

  "ports / portable"

to the Google addwords?  Sounds reasonable to me.
Kind regards



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