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Re: let's add news.debian.net to planet.d.o (!?)

> I have been recently wondering [2] why that feed is not on Planet. Ana
> would be glad to be there, but she has the impression that Planet policy
> forbids non-individual feds to be there. I've been checking the current
> guidelines which in fact _implicitly_ refers to individual blogs.

> Given how useful the service is, and given that it does fulfill the
> purpose of planet (most of the news are community-oriented news), can we
> have it added to Planet?

Yeah well. Planet is "for any active and directly involved participant
in the Debian development community.", which kind of implies
personal. But we made exceptions in the past, like for loldebian or the
DebConf or DSA blog. I think the basic requirement there was that we can
easily identify who posted it (like an Author: line in the post), and
that it fulfills all other requirements of Planet.

If thats true for news.debian.net, ie the "published by" line is in the
rss feed too, fine, add.

bye, Joerg
Ubuntu: An ancient african word meaning "I can't configure Debian"

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