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Re: possible abuse of debian and GPL

richard newton <rich123409@gmail.com> wrote:
> The following site appears to be selling a computer with a modified Debian
> system. I could find nothing on the site about the OS or where I might get
> the source code.
> In one of the screenshots I noticed it was using iceweasel  so I assumed it
> was using Debian.
> http://thegocomputer.com/index.html

Thanks for the email.  I'm not sure the debian project can fix that.

Is there any evidence that they are not giving the source code to
their customers?  They are not required to publish it to all.  See

If there is evidence, I suggest you contact one of the copyright
holders (see the About box of a supplied program) and/or the FSF,
http://www.fsfeurope.org/ftf/ or GPL-Violations.org

Hope that explains,
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