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Re: Löschung meiner Daten

Dear Julian,

Julian Hüper schrieb:

ich bitte darum alle meine Daten in Ihrem Portal zu löschen.
Meinen Account sowie alle meine Posts.

Ich wäre Ihnen sehr Dankbar über eine Bestätigung.

Which account are you refering too? To use our mailing lists (I guess that's what you mean by "portal") you don't need an account.

I'm also sorry to inform you, that it is against our policy to delete posts send to our mailing lists (for more details please see http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/). Please also note, that our mailing lists are also archived in various other public archives. So deleting them on our side wouldn't make them disappear from the net anyway.

Best Regards,
  Alexander Reichle-Schmehl

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