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Re: Debian money, booth on german church meeting

Thomas Koch wrote:
> There's a german association, "Linux user in der Kirche"[1] (Linux user in the 
> church), which plans to organize a booth on the next big meeting of the german 
> church in 2010.
> They aim is to promote the usage of linux in the administrations of church 
> communities and of course private use of linux.
> The cost of the booth is around 800 Euro, which must be collected from private 
> sponsorship until december to make the booth happen.
> Maybe debian could sponsor this event?

Thanks a lot for your engagement for Debian and GNU/Linux in clerical

For other events and shows we have always asked the organisers of the
event to sponsor the booth for Free Software.  This even worked for
highly commercial events such as CeBIT and Systems.  Partially these
booths weren't sponsored by the organisers but by companies already
maintaining a booth on that particular show.

I'm not sure the Debian project should start paying for booths now.

I would rather like Debian to help running the booth by providing
hardware if needed or booth material such as posters and large signs.



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