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Re: time-based release freezes


Jesús M. Navarro, dimanche 6 septembre 2009, 16:34:45 CEST
> So you advocate for a 3 year release.  You are aware that with a 2 year 
> release and at least one year of warranteed support for oldstable you already 
> get your 3 year release "for free", don't you?

  Nope. That’s not a 3 year release, that’s a 2 year release
with 3 year support. You don’t have a _new_ 3 year warranteed
support release after the 3 years of stable/oldstable, you get a
1 year old, 2 remaining years of warranteed support release.

year 0: stable_0 is released
year 2: stable+1 is released
year 3: support for stable_0=oldstable ends
        stable+1 is 1 year old
year 4: stable+2 is released
year 5: support for stable+1=oldstable ends
  So oldstable support endings occur every 2 years.

 Sylvain Sauvage

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