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Re: time-based release freezes

Stefan Krueger schreef:
> Hello Debianteam,
> I hope you understand my terrible english ;)
> It is the fixed release cycles, my opinion ist that 2years are too
> short, because Debian is used more as a server operating system, 

But Debian is not only for servers.

> the people how would like an actuelly version of an program can use
> Debian testing.

Not well-tested enough for normal use by non-technical people.
At the moment I believe more in backports.
(I am sysadmin for both Debian desktops and servers)

> I would make every 3years a feature freeze and every 1.5 years a
> "stable-and-a-half", then the topicality also ensures version of
> Debian (kernel, Xorg, etc).
> The old stable, must be supported for 6years, has been published
> until the new version(testing to stable)
> I hope I could possibly give one food for thought ;)

It would be nice to have a long support, but it is a lot of work.
Is it really such a problem to upgrade your servers?

Or is the real problem that your organisation or your customers do not
understand that an upgrade is important?

For me it is a problem that the support on the Mozilla products is so

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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