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Re: Debian Maintainers Keyring changes

On 11858 March 1977, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> The following changes to the debian-maintainers keyring have just been activated:

> Usage: dak import-keyring [OPTION]... [KEYRING]
>   -h, --help                  show this help and exit.
>   -L, --import-ldap-users     generate uid entries for keyring from LDAP
>   -U, --generate-users FMT    generate uid entries from keyring as FMT

> Debian distribution maintenance software,
> on behalf of the Keyring maintainers

Fixed. No new keys anyways.

bye, Joerg
<Maulkin> db.oftc.net?
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<Maulkin> It's called the Ganneff fingerprint
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