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Re: Summary of the debian-devel BoF at Debconf9

On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 11:41:34PM +0200, Michael Banck wrote:
> At the end some possible changes were proposed:
>  * Defining On-Topicness more sharply, e.g.
>   * Packaging Issues which pertain to more than one package
>   * Non-packaging Development of Debian
>  * Reconsider CCs
>  * Maybe split off Packaging questions/issues to a new -packaging list?
>  * Maybe split off WNPP Traffic to a new -wnpp list?

Considering the discussion at debconf and in this thread, maybe the
following (from a recent blog post of mine) could be a different
starting point?

 * Encourage people to re-subscribe to debian-devel now that the
   traffic has been decreasing. Also contact people who take over
   threads with repeating, frequent messages or with agressiveness
   privately and request them to stop

 * Be more proactive in moving off-topic threads elsewhere and define
   on-topicness more sharply (e.g. development matters pertaining to
   more than one (or a few) packages)

 * Cut down ITPs somewhat by aggregating multiple similar ITPs into
   one message and using specialised teams (pkg-perl, pkg-games) if
   appropriate. Maybe also consider creating a new debian-itp mailing
   list where all ITPs get CCed to as well

 * Update our list (and more?) guidelines with a more steam-lined
   version, possibly using the GNOME code of conduct as a base 


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