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devel+project (was Re: Summary of the debian-devel BoF at Debconf9


when pressing "send" for my last mail I noticed this mail went to -project@ 
and not -devel@ and thought that this is to me one of the "bigger problems" 
with those two lists, that it's relativly hard to distinguish when to post 
to -project and when to -devel... 

Not sure how to address this, but sometimes I think that -devel@ is just a 
catchall bucket, for stuff that doesnt fit on specific lists 
(say -boot, -kernel, -mentors, -powerpc, -dpkg-dev, whatever). Probably it's 
also that -devel is there for historic reasons and now has been mostly 
substituted^wenhanced by specific lists.

-devel used to be _the_ list for debian development and I think this is past 
time. During elections -vote is the list, sometimes it's -project and all the 
time important stuff happens everywhere.


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