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Re: On cadence and collaboration

Le mardi 11 août 2009 à 02:48 +0300, Martin-Éric Racine a écrit :
> > It is my opinion that freezing after GNOME releases (and gets into
> > testing) would be better for Debian.  This means either April or
> > October, depending on which GNOME release we want to ship.
> I think that this point truly deserves to be discussed for a number of reasons.
> Personally, I think that releasing a new distribution right after
> GNOME or KDE has produced a new major version is an extremely bad
> idea, because the X.XX.0 release of anything tends to have too many
> rough edges (feature regressions, out of sync translations, etc.) that
> usually need further polishing via X.XX.1 and X.XX.2 releases before a
> new major desktop release becomes truly usable by non-technical people
> i.e. not requiring any workaround for some stupid regression that gets
> fixed later in point releases, much after the initial distribution
> release has started shipping with X.XX.0.

Which is precisely why, during freezes, the release team lets migrate
minor releases for GNOME packages, based on the strict policies upstream
adopts during stable cycles.

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