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Re: Opera in your repos

On Wed Aug 05 19:13, Santiago Vila wrote:
> > Last 7 years I use GNU/Linux and know that, for example, in Russia the
> > Opera browser is very popular in GNU/Linux Community. Unfortunately, not
> > always I can see this browser in the non-free repos. Well, there is a
> > question: whether Opera is included to your distro and if not - how we can
> > fix this problem? We are ready for any discussions, technical help or
> > agreement, if necessary.
> As explained by Ana, Debian is about making a free operating system,
> so we usually try to remove software from non-free when we have free
> alternatives, not add more.

That said, I am (I know, disown me now) a big Opera user, I think it's
by far the best browser and it's a shame it's not Free software. I would
be prepared to maintain it in non-free, however Santiago's caveats all
apply. We would need a licence which allowed it to be redistributed by
Debian and used by all of our users. The reference for this is Debian
Policy 2.2.3 and 2.3:



Matthew Johnson

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