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Re: Debian redesign


Werner Baumann wrote:
> I'm using Debian for about ten years now and I use it because "Debian
> is different".
> While I appreciate the intention to "position Debian better" I am
> concerned about the general direction, I am missing what I think the
> most important values of Debian.


our web pages need an overhaul. We have an interest to explain ourselves to the non-Debian
world and guide ourselves through the ongoing Debian-associated activities. That
communication is happening via the web and such genuine interest should be driving
development of the pages.

We can certainly learn from the success that Ubuntu has, but we should not try to mimic or
chase them. In the contrary, we should be happy about every Debian package that is brought
to a wider audience with it (2.5:1 ratio in in favour of Ubuntu on popcon for my
packages). And I think we are happy.

I liked some of the redesign posters, and they should possibly be sold as geekware. But
they could substitute Debian with everything else, even with the Redmond OS. However, when
attracting some teenagers or so, of which some will only learn about computing, it may be
lovely to have some more spiritual messages for them that go beyond "free". For instance I
suggest to mention education, world-wide contacts, fun and doing something good for the world.


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