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So what? [Was: Debian decides to adopt time-based release freezes]

After one day and more of flaming about the subject, may I summarize - with my 
John Doe Debian Developer hat on - what it seems a few points catched and 
ask RMs about their thoughts on them? I woud prefer the project did
a little step forward instead of flaming and complaining only.

- A freeze every two years could be viable/appropriate to many, or at
  least it seems so. This is basically not so different from the current 
  'unofficial' policy.
- A freeze in December for squeeze is probably too early for many teams.
  Maybe next spring/summer is more appropriate and acceptable?
- A so long support and roadmap for squeeze and squeeze+1 is probably
  not justifiable/difficult to support/what else...
- Next time, any team that would take a decision which impacts
  the whole project have to be fair and consult the project as a whole,
  before unilateral actions. That's appropriate even if the team is 
  acting within its own limits of decision making, as in this case. 
  This appears as responsible and appropriate to the most. This is
  a general recommendation and does not require comments, probably.

Folks, be pragmatic and do required steps to find a common shared idea.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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