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Re: Debian redesign

On Wed, Jul 29 2009, Ana Guerrero wrote:

> Hi,
> Agnieszka Czajkowska has presented this morning at DebConf a very nice
> redesign proposal off the Debian logo and the Debian website. She has been 
> working on this all the last year as part of her master thesis in Design.

        I like the slides -- all the way to the "illustrations".

        I might be old fashioned, but the  illustrations seemed a trifle

 1) illustration 1 --- The cleavage seems to be a trifle overdone. I
                       suspect one concentrates more on the cleavage than
                       on debian (if one is male).
 2) Is illustration 2 supposed to be a bed -- or a table with people
    sitting on it?
 3) illustration 3 seems like someone who likes to sleep nude. 
 4) illustration 4, the dude seems to be reading porn.
 5) illustration 6 is just plain creepy

        There seems to be an undercurrent of sexuality in the
 illustrations, which seemed odd for an operating system. But perhaps I
 am just old.

"But this one goes to eleven." Nigel Tufnel
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