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Re: Debian on E-Bay (way: selling distributions)


I have sold some Debian Images under the ebay-Account "nulldaten".

ebay was canceled some fixed-priced offers and was telling me, that i
have broken against ebay law and copyrights.  After that it was
difficult to come in contact with ebay, because they wrote, that if I do
this selling again my ebayaccount could be delete.

My Emails aren't be answered. I wrote a letter that I want to came to
Berlin and talk about this case. After four Weeks waiting. I receive an
Email by ebay from Jutta Pork (eBay-Sicherheitsteam), eBay Deutschland
Customer Support <kontrolle@ebay.de>, they make a formal apology and
offer me to go on as ebay seller.

Hope I can help.

Carsten Mann

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