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dsa metting minutes

(again, internal work notes)

dsa 20090720

- get rid of sarti hosted at rapidswitch (weasel talks to philh)
- mirror planet to a different machine so we can reboot things
  more easily (mirroradm/Ganneff)
- setup manpages.debian.net
  - maybe integrate into packages.d.o or maybe lintian.
    Ganneff talks to djpig
- source.d.o on stabile (zobel+dsa - noel)
- data.d.o pending on new ftp-master.  zobel/luca/taggart/HP
- backup.d.o (bartok running out of warranty/disk space)
  possible hosters/people to talk to
  maybe use one of the nordicgaming dl360s
- cd-builder.d.o.  bzed - tk.  we think status is that
  cd folks basically just need to say when they want the
  machine and we can get one.  hosted at maswan
- security/synproxy.as - talk to Andrew Lee (zobel, sgran). done.
- bugs frontend MX - don+weasel will maybe look at that during
- alioth - to a blade @ luca
- move root auth keys into puppet
- rotate all passwords (weasel)
- setup host based firewalls.  move it into puppet/some centralized
  thing.  merge different hosts' config into one.  sgran+Ganneff.
- verdi: - shut down all remainging service processes, (sgran)
         - dd disks
         - powerdown
         - have andi pick up old hw
- experimental - it should move into d.o w-b and onto d.o buildds
  (that's something for wbadm to push)
- raff will go away for a couple of days whenever ftc moves to houston
  wb probably should move away from raff before that happens so it's
  available during that time.  kvm on dijkstra.  zobel->luk/philk
- we should have all buildds to debian.org.
  needs to be pushed by wbadm.  dsa can take over and help.  maybe
  some hosts need to be moved to more acceptable hosting
- kfreebsd porter host (weasel)
- get rid of spontini because it's slow.  zobel/sgran
- need a ud-ldap talk / discussion
- pergolesi is back, still no eric access

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