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Re: Debian MiniConf @ LCA2010 in Wellington — help needed

On 11783 March 1977, martin f. krafft wrote:

> This year, it's up to us to ensure that Debian will again have
> a MiniConf at LCA2010 in beautiful Wellington.

> Is there anyone ready to organise the MiniConf, alone or in a team?
> Are you going to be at LCA2010 anyway, or would this be your chance
> of going?

And if whoever takes this work does want to have a miniconfX.debconf.org
domainname pointing to $wherever, like it had been for miniconf5 6 and
7, mail me. Depending on what is needed, DC could even offer webspace...

bye, Joerg
<exa> There is no point in trying to fix bugs if I won't have an
      account. Sorry.

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