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Re: One more upload queue

>> ftp.eu.upload.debian.org
>> Use it as you use ftp.upload.debian.org, its the same software in the
>> background, thus supporting all the commands files too.
> It seems that there is a problem with that queue:

>> /epdfview_0.1.7-2_amd64.changes has bad PGP/GnuPG signature!
>> Removing /epdfview_0.1.7-2_amd64.changes, but keeping its associated files for now.

Indeed. Seems i forgot the one call to "gpg" to create the .gnupg
directory (even if its otherwise entirely unused).

Upload the .changes again, the rest of the files are still there. This
time it should actually work. :)

bye, Joerg
graphviz (old license)
      * Burn it! Burn it all!! 

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