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Re: state of the DSA nation

On Sat, 28 Mar 2009, Frans Pop wrote:

> On Saturday 28 March 2009, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> > [note to -project readers:  this mail was written with -admin as an
> >  intended audience in mind and not you, but I figured I'd CC you
> >  anyways.  Please excuse the style and terseness of some items.]
> Thanks! It's nice to have some sort of idea what's going on.
> Question: what about gluck? IIRC there's still some things (lintian.d.o 
> for example) living on that.

Yup.  it is also www (when www isn't klecker), and cvs (webwml probably
is the only thing left), and MX for admin (I think that only does a
couple of expanders for commits tho) and has some admin related docs
(those which aren't in our dsa-passwords git or on the dsa.debian.org
wiki), and according to dns also ddtp (not sure what its status is), and
planet, and popcon, and search.

I currently don't see any pressing needs to change any of that (tho we
will probably want to move the admin related docs away from it slowly -
no need to have stuff spread out over 3 different places).

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