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Re: how can i install debian into old machines

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 06:43:24PM -0300, DPD.CAC Div. Proc. Dados Cáceres Unemat wrote:
> Good Evening,
> My name is Fabian. I'm work at the University of the State of Mato
> Grosso - Brazil.
> We get a toshiba satellite notebook k6 2 300 mhz, 32 mb of ram and 4 gb of hd.
> How can i install debian into this machine?
> I tried some distros like dizinha or puppy, but had no success.
> Please i need help for this problem.
> -- 
> Fabiano F. O. Pinto
> Supervisor da Divisão de Processamento de Dados - DPD
> Campus Universitário Jane Vanini
> Cáceres - Mato Grosso
> tel: 65 - 32210521
> dpd.cac@gmail.com

The mailing list debian-project is not for user questions, it is for
"Discussion about non-technical topics related to the Debian Project".
User mailing lists
  debian-user: Help and discussion among users of Debian
  debian-user-spanish: debian-user in Spanish 
  debian-user-portuguese: debian-user in Portuguese
I think You would need to be more specific in Your question. In what
way did installing the other distros not work? Also, what are the
requirements, using modern desktop environments like Gnome or KDE is
not feasible with 32 M memory. 

My quess is, there should not be problems in installing and using
Debian on the hardware described, if the X Windows system is left out.

Tapio Lehtonen

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