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Wish list regarding install


I am running Debian on an i386 machine with a dual boot:  "Production,"
which is the stable release, and "Test," which is pointed to a mix of the
stable & test repositories.  In the past, when a new version is released,
I always install it fresh into the Test "region" first to test it out
before installing it into Production for my everyday use.

When doing so, I always tell the install not to install grub so as not to
disturb my ability to boot into Production.  This always has worked until
I attempted to install version 5.0 today.

After attempts to get 5.0 to boot using the grub from 4.0, I finally
decided I needed to reinstall Grub from the 5.0 install.  After many
attempts using the "repair" boots, and one attempt at trying to trick the
install program into installing Grub without reinstalling everything, I
finally gave up.  I am 2 hours into a total reinstall & hopeful that
allowing Grub to install this time will do the trick.

In the future, it would be very, very, very, very, very nice if there was
an install option to install/reinstall Grub.  Currently, the install
process will not install/reinstall Grub without having the core packages
installed first.  I am using the netinstall, so I apologize if there is
such an option on the full-install CD image.


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