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Re: Debian Membership

On Sat Mar 14 19:11, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> if you allow me to share a thought here even though I am not a developer
> and as such do not have any say in this.

I certainly welcome thoughts from people involved in the project.

> While the aims you list themself may be laudable to achieve
> improvements, your *goal* with changing the membership procedures should
> look something like
>   Aid Debian to recruit skilled, cooperative, and highly dedicated new
>   volunteers and ensuring that Debian membership is only given to people
>   having these necessary qualities.
> Your idea of a good goal may vary, but ultimately, your goal should be
> about membership, not process. Debian desperately lacks a vision for
> developing its membership and sjould develop that to derive an adequate
> process.

OK (and I agree), but we are talking about changing the process and I'm
afraid I don't find those sorts of statement very useful (personally)
for discussing how to achieve it. I guess I also think that statement is
obvious, but given the threads before Lenny I guess there are many
things I think should be obvious but other people disagree with.

> Believe it or not, if you step away from Debian and look back on it
> after a few weeks, is seems miraculous that Debian does attract a fair
> amount of wonderful people and manages to keep a lot of those around.
> Let me put some observations here
> <snip>

There are many things here I agree with, I don't think we can tackle
them all at once here. I'm just trying to work on one thing.

Matthew Johnson

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