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Re: About Debian

On Mon, Mar 02, 2009 at 03:17:13AM -0600, Kevin wrote:
> Dear Debian Project,
> Do I need Debian in order to run
> Elive? I like Elive the Operating
> System? I like Debian as well.
> Though I am new to understanding
> the fundamentals of  Linux.  Please
> explain to me the process needed
> to run Debian.  I am also confused
> by which Linux OS is better for me.
> I am an artist and composer and
> write poetry as a hobby. Thank you
> for your time and service.
> Sincerely,
> Kevin

You need to ask user questions about Elive on ELive mailing lists or
forums. If You have questions about using Debian GNU/Linux, those
questions should go to debian-user mailing list. This mailing list,
debian-project, is for "Discussion about non-technical topics related to the
Debian Project. "

As for the Elive, since the web page offers install CD, my quess is
that is enough to install Elive and You do not directly need Debian.
But ask from Elive folks to be sure. 

Tapio Lehtonen

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