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Re: FOSDEM videos released

Holger Levsen schreef:

>   * Basically I'm very happy with our results, excpet for two things: sadly 
>     the computer running dvswitch wasn't powerful enough to do picture in 
>     picture (and due to time constraints we we'rent able to switch to a more 
>     powerful one), so we'll have to plan this better next year. And second, I 
>     have no real clue how useful our streaming efforts are, I believe the 
>     recordings are useful, but in both cases feedback from people who find 
>     them useful is appreciated! Covering FOSDEM is certainly a lot of fun, but 
>     it's also a lot of work and leaves not much room for seeing other parts of 
>     the conference. So a short reply (I'll post this to d-d-a with reply-to 
>     set to -project) will be very much appreciated! :)

For me it was the first time to take a look at the streaming video's and
I think they are very usefull and easy to use.

It would be nice to find a way to see both the speaker and the slides at
the same time. Maybe you want to do that with picture-in-picture.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.


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