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fosdem streams

quoted from my blog:

blogging (1-201) life; title=YOU CAN HAZ STREEMZ

  * I has arrived in Brusselz and had pizza and beer already :-)

  * In other news, we have a test stream up and the rest of the preparations 
    look good, so I'm confident you can haz streemz from the 
    [1 Debian dev room at FOSDEM]! (Times are UTC+1)

  * Just follow the instructions from [1 Erics mail the debconf-video list].

  * It's a totally unclear when we will be able to enter the room on Saturday,
    and it might only possible at 13oo, right when Bens and my talk about our 
    video work is scheduled. That has been done on purpose, so in that case we 
    can use our talk slot for setting things up. I don't hope this will
    happen, but it's the worst case...

  * Oh, and if you're at FOSDEM, please help us out, we still have some 
    [3 volunteer slots to fill]. And more importantly, have a whole lot of

  [1] http://www.fosdem.org/2009/schedule/devrooms/debian
  [2] http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20090205.215105.65eb5f60.en.html
  [3] http://wiki.debian.org/FosdemVideo2009

 -- Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org>  Fri, 06 Feb 2009 14:30:27 +0100

P.S.: I'd be interested to know if you think I should have sent this to d-d-a.

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