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Re: Yet another list statistics for debian-project

[I am *so* not subscribed. Cc me if you particularly want me to read
what you have to say. Do not expect a reply.]

> There are 5 people listed in the -legal top 10 who are not DDs now
> and of those: Andrew Suffield stopped posting when he was still a DD

Basically when I quit. I spent about six months quitting - yeah,
bloody slow, for the same reason I did quit. Leaving Debian neatly
takes a remarkable amount of work.

This is also distorted by my habit when I was younger of writing many
short (1-2 sentence) mails in one thread, to make it easier for people
with threading MUAs to follow the discussion. Later on I lost
enthusiasm for making the effort (people grumble anyway, so you might
as well not expend the time), and tended to batch up my comments into
larger mails, which may explain the apparent downwards curve.

And still apparently sent less than one mail per day. Go figure. Sure
felt like more.

If anyone cares to make a more detailed analysis, it would probably be
more interesting to look at the total number of bytes sent per poster
(before and after stripping inline patches and mime attachments).

Unfortunately it still wouldn't tell you whether the authors were
obsessive, highly-committed geniuses, or just plain stupid. Measuring
the wrong thing. Try comparing lines of code still in the archive to
lines of list postings, although that would be a real bitch to

[Yeah, not dead yet. So there.]

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