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Re: Scheduling project-wide post-lenny discussions?

On Tue Jan 13 20:50, Ian Jackson wrote:

> We have a number of constitutional proposals:
>     - Require Secretary to include position statement URLs in ballots
>     - Require Secretary to assist people with ballot drafting and
>        empower Secretary to briefly delay votes to do so
>     - Increase GR quorum (various options)
>     - Clarify who is responsible for interpreting and enforcing the SC
>     - Fix TC supermajority off-by-one error
>     - Increase TC maximum size

Also I think it's right to add:

      - Determine what requires supermajority
      - Eliminate supermajority
      - Determine who decides on supermajority
      - Decide what to do about options which are ambiguous about
      supermajority requirements (eg, refuse to run such a vote)


Matthew Johnson

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