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Re: New Technical Committee Members

* Kurt Roeckx (kurt@roeckx.be) [090112 18:39]:
> And Steve organised the vote to add Russ (which got approved),
> and propose Don to the DPL.
> Andreas said that with 3 of the 5 votes for proposing Don the vote
> is over.  But I think it's only 3 of 6 at that point, and the DPL
> still needs to approve it.

If you look at the timestamps of the 3rd votes, you might notice that Don
reached 3 votes in favour before the vote for Russ was finished. So,
according to the constitution, at that point the outcome was no longer in
doubt, and the vote was finished. I do admit that 36 seconds later Russ was
added to the tech ctte, but at that time the vote was already finished,
and I fail to find a regulation in the constitution that declares that the
vote reopens under such circumstances.


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